Our Process

Accept no substitutions 

at dale carpet cleaning only the best will do, we have a 10 step process but we have broken it down into an easy to grasp 3 part guide



we go the extra mile

After an inspection of your carpet/upholstery making note of any damage or stains we will move the furniture to maximise cleaning, thoroughly vacuum with our industrial twin motor vacuum with collects surface dirt and lay down a pre-spray chemical specially made for your carpets construction that gets deep into the carpet on a microbial level releasing trapped dirt,
This is then agitated to  help extract the dirt from the fibres of your carpet.

dale carpet cleaning extraction

Hot water extraction

state of the art and built in nottingham

using our  top of the line airflex storm extractor we can tackle even the toughest stains, with a working pressure of up to 1000psi and capable of running over 100ft of hose we will now extract the dirt, with the help of the necessary rinse agents  we bring your carpet back to a neutral p.h level and with our added deodorizers brings a new freshness to your home.

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no one wants a soggy bottom

as soon as we are happy we have got all the dirt from your carpets its time to re set the pile and add any protective/anti allergy treatments if needed  we then bring in industrial fans to not only speed up the drying time but with the help of the negative ion generator built in they also purify the air leaving your home cleaner and healthier.