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The classic refrigerant dehumidifier combines proven design with professional performance and portability. Reduces humidity in enclosed structural environments by removing water vapour from the air. Supplied complete with an RCD Power Breaker. A dehumidifier capable of pumping extracted water up to 12m away, c/w hot-gas bypass for fast defrost, intelligent touch pad controls and semi pneumatic wheels for easy transport. The dehumidifier draws air in from the room over a filter and then passes it over some cold coils similar to the coils on a fridge. As the coils are cold, air reaches dew point and water is collected in an internal reservoir and pumped to a drain or container up to 12m away. The air is then reheated to room temperature and blown back out of the dehumidifier, it also allows monitored timed drying, quietly. Removes up to 68.6 litres a day. With proper use, the 1200 can help dry carpet, carpet pad, floors, walls, building contents and more. Using dehumidifiers can also help prevent secondary damage caused by high humidity. For best results, use the 1200 with Carpet Floor Dryers placed around the perimeter of the room to distribute heat energy and release moisture from wet surfaces into the air.

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